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Raising money for aid to Syria
one supper at a time.

What is this Syrian Supper Club
and why is it Syrian?

The Syrian Supper Club came to life in July 2012; three friends, all sharing a profound sense of sadness at the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Syria, decided to do something to remind their friends in Syria that they had not been forgotten. With some sharp thinking and good noses for food Johnnie, Louisa and Rose held a Syrian inspired feast at their kitchen table to raise some money and like the greenest of raw almonds The Syrian Supper Club was born. George found his way to a Syrian Supper early on, and liked it so much he never left.

The roots of this story go further back, to a house in the old city of Damascus, by Bab Salaam where Louisa and Rose were lucky enough to live for a while. The Syrian Supper Club is inspired by their time there, the people they met and the food they ate.

See below for details on how to attend one of their flagship Syrian Suppers, run by four brilliant teams across London and Bristol, or hold your own.

Marina Syrian Supper Club Manager
George Chief of Research
Louisa Chief of Operations
Rose Chief of Words
Johnnie Chief of Monies

To date we have raised over £250,000 through Syrian Suppers, our own and others. This money goes towards the aid projects in and around Syria run by our charity the 'Hands Up Foundation'. If you'd like to know more have a look at Hands Up's website.

Syrian Suppers Around the World

The beauty of the Syrian Supper Club is its inclusivity – anyone can hold a supper. We want you, your friends and theirs to hold a supper or similar to raise funds. The more people do, the more funds and awareness we can raise for aid to Syria which is - after all - the aim of this game.

Syrian Suppers now take place around the world from Singapore and Istanbul to Washington D.C. and Wales.

Syrian Suppers around the world

Come to a Syrian Supper

Our Syrian Suppers take place in four different locations; East London, West London, South London and Bristol. There is one in each location every month, so you should be able to find one that suits you best. Click the links below for dates, and book early, seats sell out like hot honey cakes on a cold day.

Hold Your Own Syrian Supper

If you’d like to hold a Syrian Supper or other fundraising bonanza under the banner of the Syrian Supper Club, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you! Then we can chat about what you might need from us and what we'll need from you. In the meantime, check out the resources we have, with everything from sample menus to recipes and a full toolkit to get you going.

Hold Your Own – Resources